I was thinking about situations like KONY 2012 and the amazon rainforest fire, how quickly everyone got riled up and how suddenly they seemed to vanish from the radar again. How funny and weird that all is.

Even though it feels very much like it's still in a clumsy baby Bambi learning to walk infancy, the internet being used in this way could be a really powerful thing.

We could be like a sort of collective Justice League, all of us getting flagged at the first sign of evil and pooling our collective attention and resources to decimate the enemy. Like an army of white blood cells engulfing a tiny emerging tumour before it has a chance to spread. It could potentially be used to maintain a state of worldwide peace.

Unfortunately it could also (and probably will) be used to manipulate the masses and maintain authoritarian reign over the entire world's resources and collective mindsets...

Still, could potentially be pretty cool!

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