cartoon concept - snakes on a plane

Snakes on a plane with magic and mystery starring cartoon Samuel L Jackson.

Every episode takes place on a flight which never lands (this is never questioned). There's an overarching mystery but each episode is a self contained mystery/adventure.

Recurring characters: he has a kid sidekick, there's the cute spunky flight attendant love interest who helps them solve mysteries and decipher clues, the drunk pilots, wealthy eccentric man who made a makeshift arabian tent setup in one of the corners using multiple seats that he bought, a jafar-like snake charmer villain who uses dark snake magic disguised as an ordinary passenger but fights the protagonist while in exotic costume, also has a talking pet snake that disguises itself as passengers (very obvious but nobody notices and treats her appropriate to her disguises), an old russian man who sells them weapons and tools in exchange for extra bags of peanuts and such (everyone barters for plane stuff, headphones, snacks, dinners, bread).

The plane has many different areas and levels, some absurdly vast (this also goes unquestioned). For example, a section full of exotic animals (where the snakes were released) but that still contains tigers and elephants and such. There's an underwater section with a submarine, a foresty section (where the plants are kept), a high techy computer area, etc.

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