when you sit for meditation
you start at the surface
at the external level outside the body
where there's light and motion and noise
until slowly, you descend
going deeper down
where there's less light, less motion, less noise
passing through sensation
less, but still there
sitting through this
and descending
deeper and deeper down
through the current of thought and feeling
the words, memories, beliefs, hopes, fears
letting them be
and letting them go
to descend deeper
eventually coming to an opaque silence
just you and this darkness now
until you sink into it
and dissolve completely
becoming it
this darkness
within darkness
where meditation lives
this place at the core
of existence itself
resting here
where there's no you
and no other
you're revitalized
it happens on its own
past gone, future gone, present gone
all is simply
pure potentiality
and you emerge
born again

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