Thought as language exists as a response to information absorbed from the environment. Language is learned, and verbal thought is confined to the limitations of the language learned.

Feelings are generated as a result of language-based interpretations about "events" that appear to be occuring in the environment or to one in relation to it.

This is what's happening most of the time - thoughts and feelings being generated in response to interpretations of events which consume our attention. Fixations, in a way, upon what is perceived in the confines of one's awareness.

There are also feelings that arise as a result of no-interpretations. Peace and happiness are causeless feelings that are simply present when one is free of these fixations.

There are energetic differences that can be noticed when in one state or the other. It's possible to become more sensitive to it, to notice when the energy spikes and realize that it must be in reaction to an interpretation of an "event". One can then choose to drop it, to slip out of it and return to the simplicity of here and now. To let the thoughts and feelings pass through until the causeless peace arises once more.

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