I was reminded today of the power of detachment. Letting things which are not in my control be as they are and focusing solely on myself, my life and my response.

It's so simple but so easy to forget. Letting situations be as they are, letting others be as they are and letting myself be as I am while focusing on taking care of myself and doing what I want and need to do. That's detachment. Keeping my focus on me.

It's so nourishing, I felt it immediately upon hearing it. It was like a reminder of the actual simplicity of where my responsibility begins and ends - with me. With my wellbeing. Others can take care of themselves, the world can take care of itself and I'll take care of what needs to be taken care of by me by taking care of myself. Making sure that my body is well, my heart/mind are well and my spirit is well.

Everything I do depends on this. All of it flows outward from there. Whatever and whoever I encounter is impacted in direct relation to it and reflected back to me. If I'm well, I'll spread wellness. If I'm unwell, I'll spread unwellness. It's as simple as that. So the best thing I can do for myself and everyone I encounter is to make sure that my own needs are being taken care of and that I'm enjoying my life. This is the gift of detachment.

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