True learning is really unlearning, whether through gradual investigation or sudden insight. Conditioned beliefs and ideas clouding reality are seen through and let go of as truth reveals itself behind them, self-evident, ever-present and immutable.

Conventional learning is the accumulation of data for the purposes of engaging in superficial affairs and passtimes - the games and rituals of man. They're built upon inherently flawed and insecure foundational premises, ideals and assumptions, and their inevitable end is always dissolution.

This isn't to say that they can't be appreciated or enjoyed, only that there's no ultimate or enduring fulfillment or salvation to be found in these systems. They're limited and temporal and therefore subject to emergence and decay. What goes up will soon come down, what expands will soon contract, what grows will soon wither, what succeeds will soon fail, what comes will soon leave, what satisfies will soon dissatisfy, what begins will soon end. These are all inevitabilities of engagement in the realm of matter/time.

With this in mind, detachment is possible and participation can be a matter of choice rather than need. Knowing that nothing in the world can ultimately satisfy or complete (since satisfaction and completion are intrinsic and immediate matters of perception), knowing that each path can only bring its own set of temporary experiences, what will I choose?

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