Let today mark the relinquishment of the NICE pattern of the false self defense program.

I thank it for its utility in protecting my developing core from the volatile goobers that surrounded me when I wasn't capable or aware enough to repel them, nurture myself and steer my own course. Its time is coming to a close.

I can be kind without being nice. I can be compassionate without being nice. I can even forgive without being nice. It's an affectation that isn't needed anymore.

Niceness is social manipulation, and it invites manipulation and the blurring of boundaries. Others can sense the fear of conflict and the compulsion to please and accommodate. Those with integrity are kept at a distance behind the superficial veil that's created, while the cunning use it to get their way. So either way, it's got to go.

Fare thee well, niceness. And welcome, uncompromising and unapologetic self-trust.

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