Important Questions that Nobody Has the Answers to

Basically my mind is chaos, disorganised severely to the point I can’t even do two tasks in a row, or one task to completion, or whatever your metric is for productivity but I am in dire neeed of clarity.

There is no fucking way I could ever accurately judge the tasks I'm supposed to do; or the tasks I even need to do; if I have no idea what the fuck they even are.

Unformulated reminders appear in my conscious awareness for just a moment, but are replaced by another too fast for me to actually close any of the imprinted loops - resulting in so many loose ends I don’t know how it where I’d begin.

— The resounding, top level questions which I’ve been able to identify in order to begin categorising the endless mental chatter; and which I need to define clearly and concisely for myself start here.

“What are your priorities?”

Identify the "areas" of your life

  1. What does the word "areas" even mean to you in this context
  2. Where are your priorities fucking up?

Like where have you fucked up while acting unconsciously? what do you do in your day to day life that is causing your lack of congruence. What would your priorities look like from the mind of an observer?

  1. Learn to address each and every thought loop:

Listen to and take note of your intuitions, take note of every idea, every project, every venture. Most of them have potential; but you dismiss them too quickly to analyse them at all.
Stop trying to move so fast. Jot down your ideas when you can, and then take the time to flesh them out. Only then will you be able to accurately judge what is necessary to retain; and what is complete junk

  • Who are you?
  • Who are you really?
  • What is your view of yourself?
  • How do you think others view you?
  • How would you view someone else who acts the way you do?
  • What issues can you address that may reduce the animosity you harbour towards your ‘self’?
  • How do you begin to disengage from self-depreciating behaviours?

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