What reason is there?

The only reason a person would and could continue to pursue a goal they find so difficult to achieve must be to make an improvement in the lives of those around them; to create a positive change that remains outside and beyond themselves.

Consider this reason, remember this reason, articulate and look back upon this during each reflection, and any time your motivation begins to fault.

Don’t ever frame your efforts as if they’re a forced and conditional transaction. You choose to engage in every action you take. Don't ever forget that you have 100% control over what you will and will not do.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in thought loops. The ones where you tell yourself you aren’t good enough, and in which you believe you don’t want to do the work. Consistency will get you miles in front, more than you can comprehend. Stay consistent each day focusing on how you, yourself, can be better.

You will need to be a whole person before you are able to reach beyond yourself to help those you love.

Be patient while putting yourself back together. Without a solid foundation, you will both collapse.

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