Busy and Teleworking

During my time with OCD, I kept going on in my head, thinking that I would never get better. Please, don’t do that! It is already hard enough trying to focus on treatment and dealing with the day-to-day struggles of OCD. Give yourself a break, let the process work, and keep pushing forward.

This was one of my biggest hurdles. Getting out of the mindset that I was going to be scarred by this mental disorder. Every single day, there was a worry that was almost constantly on my mind. “Will I ever be normal again?” or “This is how I am going to be, I have to live like this and accept it”. Don’t do this to yourself if you can help it. I think it caused me to take two steps forward and three steps back. It really put a damper on my progress.

Once I let OCD go, I got better. OCD sucks bad but, to get better, acknowledge its presence and let it go. Don’t ignore it though, as that can be an avoidance compulsion. Think of it as seeing something out of the corner of your eye, you glance at it, then you go on about your day. This is what you need to do with your OCD. If you are thinking about OCD, you are most likely ruminating, which is a compulsion!

I hope some of this stuff is helpful to anyone with OCD. I know how lost I was on my journey and I found comfort in hearing about other people’s journey and success. I can’t wait for this blogging platform to allow comments. I want to get to know you all and interact with anyone who may read this.
I have been super busy at work lately! One of my old coworkers was pretty old school and told me that teleworking is only for people that want to start their weekends early. This so false that it isn’t even funny!

I started to telework about a year ago because of COVID. As for the statement above from my old work acquaintance, he could not have been more wrong. I have found productivity has increased a ton! No one is late from commuting, I have found people work and eat voluntarily, and I have that I am saving a ton of time from random people barging into my work station for no reason.

I miss all that stuff, aside from commuting. I miss people coming to say hi to me during the day. However, I have gotten so used to working from home that I don’t really know how I am going to adjust when I go back. I am a little nervous, to be honest. I am hoping they make this arrangement permanent.

If they do make teleworking a forever thing, I am moving. My family and I are going to move somewhere warmer and with a much lower cost of living. We like where we live because of family, but it is so expensive. Having extra money because of cheaper housing would be amazing and a big quality of life bump.


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