Outriders is Struggling

My previous post has shown that I am enjoying the heck out of Outriders and that is 100% true. However, I am having a real hard time with the endgame and matchmaking with other players. Endgame is fun, when it works but, I am having huge issues getting it to run properly.

My issues usually pertain to matchmaking itself. I either join a game to get immediately kicked out. This is super annoying. Anyone who plays Outriders, if you do not want people to join your game, please set your game as private! By default, Outriders has your game open to the public, which is great to get people to matchmake. The issue is, many people don’t realize that they need to make this change themselves. I think some tooltips or maybe once the person kicks someone, it automatically sets their game to private.

My other issues with Outriders is the connection quality. I have my Xbox gigabit wired, and the lag is unbearable on around 80% of the games I end up joining. This sucks because you end up wanting to stay in the game because you FINALLY joined one that you aren’t getting kicked from. These two things combined make me want to shelve Outriders until they get their stuff together.

These issues really suck for the multiplayer experience, but I still suggest picking the game up. It is a great time for the single player campaign and I have not had issues with lag while soloing. Part of the fun is playing through the story and choosing which class to focus on leveling up. They are promising fixes soon so, hopefully the endgame experience gets much better.

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