Outriders Might be the Next Anthem

I hate to write a post like this but, Outriders is looking like a fail like Anthem. The core gameplay is excellent, the loot is awesome, and the class variety is great. However, it is not ready for prime time. This game is half baked and full of bugs.

First off, the matchmaking is utter crap. Seriously, during your endgame loot runs, you pick join a group for expeditions. No joke, 90% of the games you join, the party leader is AFK. Then, when you get into a game where your party is actually playing, you end up disconnected. I feel like I have had successfully joined games that went through to completion maybe, 2 or 3 percent of the time. It is rough.

Next, the bugs are unbearable. There have been a ton of people on the Outriders Reddit that have had their entire inventories wiped. This is a freaking looter. Gamers are spending hours gathering the right loot to make their builds just right. I have seen multiple people quit because of this bug. What a terrible first impression.

Speaking of min/maxing your builds. Now People Can Fly is nerfing a bunch of builds that players have worked hard to achieve. Now, if this game was PVP, I would understand but, it is not. PCF has no plans for anything other than co-op. What is the point of nerfing classes? Once again, they are taking away people’s time spent working on builds. Who cares if the game is unbalanced, instead of nerfing, how about you just bring up the other classes?

I want to like this game. It’s core is something that has the power to be around for quite a while. It’s Diablo but with guns, which on paper, sounds fun. I am not so sure the devs are going to be able to dig themselves out of this hole. They lost a lot of trust from their player base already. Luckily, I am playing this on gamepass or else I’d be contacting Microsoft for a refund.

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