Why are Game Developers Releasing Trash?

I love gaming; I prefer it over sitting and watching TV but, times have changed drastically. Games used to be released with little to no bugs, you would pay for a game and you received a mostly bug free experience. Now though, it seems like every new release has devastating bugs that ruin any enjoyment you may have.

Yes, Outriders is one of those games. I played last night again, and it went much smoother than before. However, the inventory bug still exists. A loot game that is based on builds around your gear, has a bug that can wipe out hours of progress in an instant. That is some garbage!

Anthem, one of my most anticipated games before it came out, launched in such a despicable state that it never recovered. The core gameplay was awesome, but the bugs and the lack of any meaningful progress destroyed any potential that it had. Their promised Anthem 2.0 refresh has been shelved and as it stands, I think the games servers will be unplugged within a year.

These are just the games that I have played and had high hopes for that have almost unbearable bugs. There are so many games that I would need months to write them all down that launch like this. Hopefully, this practice of releasing trash ends soon.

Maybe if Microsoft, Sony, Steam, etc. start handing refunds out for games that have severe bugs like Outriders and Anthem, developers will begin to QA their code before release.

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