Burned Out and Lazy

I feel burnt out a bit and I need a serious break. I have noticed that I have been ultra lethargic and lazy since COVID hit. When I am not working, I sit around all day and either play games or look at my phone. Not healthy at all.

I made a deal with my wife that I would start doing more physical exercise because that does help with mental health issues. I am just, not in the right state of mind right now. Not really sure what is going on. I am not depressed, my OCD is better than it has been, I find it extremely hard to get motivated to do anything.

My goal over the summer is to get myself more active. I love to hike with my family and I will make that a weekly thing. I think if I add a condition to it such as hiking a new place means we all get to go eat at a new restaurant. That will make it fun I think. The whole family gets involved in where to go and we will discover new places.

I want to purchase each of us an ebike. It would be fun to get us all out there on trails without us totally getting wrecked in exhaustion. Plus, we can take them to the grocery store and to our family member’s house that live close by. The cool thing about those bikes is the fact that you can tune how much pedal assistance you need. At first I would need all the assistance! Then as I get in better shape, I can dial it down more and more. Pedal assist can take me to trails I couldn’t go before.

I need some motivation, I have been struggling lately with being a literal lump on the couch. Not sure how I am going to get there but if I want to be around to see my child grow up, I need to make some changes.

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