Invincible’s Final Moments Were Rushed

Man, I’m really sad. I finally finished the Invincible comic series and I’m hugely disappointed. A series that started off with a bang, ended with nothing more than a whimper.

Invincible drug me right in when I first started reading it. Not only was it different than most comics and superheroes, it tackled some mental health issues. It was quite awesome to see a hero have such heavy weight on his shoulders and actually have his own internal demons he had to face.

Well, what caught my attention at the beginning abruptly was taken away. The final moments of Invincible were rushed and felt as if the creators just wanted it to be over. The art, no offense to the artist was shoddy. It’s almost if the original team that created the comic were sick of it and went on to other things. They passed the torch to someone else who seemed to not care to close out the story.

Anyway, I am a bit pissed off about how it ended. Here’s to hoping the new show can fix the mistakes of the book. I still recommend the series as a whole but, the ending leaves more to be desired.

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