"It's clear that at this point you're just finding ways to have fun every day. It's not a bad thing, but when you spent the entire day figuring that out, you'll be lost and end up not completing anything.

When you're busy having fun and ignoring all the things you have to do.

Iya, itu keliatan di saat kamu bilang kamu mau istirahat saat kerja, tapi di waktu istirahatmu kamu malah main hape nyari macem-macem. Kamu udah bohongin dirimu sendiri. Hampir tiap hari. Nggak mikir kalo dirimu sakit karena dibohongin?

Please, please, not every day is a holiday. You look for happy things all the time, when it isn't around, you start searching for it desperately.

Oh I get it. You just want your work to be enjoyable, distressing, weightless. But that's not how you do it.

You need someone. You can no longer rely on me.
But, but, don't rely on that someone. Everyone has their own life, too.
It's nice to give love to others. But don't let that love run out for yourself too.
Also, don't give all that love to yourself. Share just a little.

It's getting longer and nonsensical. Terima kasih sudah curhat ke sini. Semoga hari ke depan lebih baik, dan keluargamu sehat semua."

2022.09.23 20:31 GMT+8

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