Raising The Bar

There is hope. Trump. Toast. Pass the butter.

But I'm also afraid the damage has been done. Could it get worse? Yes. The bar has been lowered.

9 times out of 10 scrutiny screws.

Has there ever been a generation that spends most of their waking hours indoors but worries what the weather is going to be like 10 days from today?

For those of you on a deprivation diet, whether it be keto, paleo, vegan, or vegetarian, (and believe me, I have been a ketour), I raise my bar to you.

Was there ever a better cookie bar? No. The answer is no.

For my mind and body, there is nothing more spiritual than Enya as background to a late Tennessee afternoon with a glass of chardonnay and weather that feels like the early spring. A soul-quieting experience.

I have a poem:


Do not talk to me
about resurrection
before sunset.

I have heard enough
and dreamt enough
devotional dirges
to last me
a lifetime.

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