17th Day: Wednesday Whatnots

Things I Am Not Doing Today...

  1. I will not turn on the television to watch the morning news.

I do not need noise in my life. And that is all it is. Noise, masquerading as news, pretending to be journalism practiced by journalists, when in actuality it is entertainment presented by personalities to appease us of our prejudices and validate and promote biases.

  1. I will not dream anymore than necessary.

I will only use my dreams to begin the process of attaining a goal. Such as researching. Learning from other people's experiences. Then applying and taking the action, the physical movement, to flesh out and live that dream.

  1. I will not express an opinion if something somebody says upsets me, before I count to 10 and recognize how I feel and the consequences of speaking before thinking.

There. I think three things is a good start. If I am successful at one of them I will consider my day a success.

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