Day 21: Sunday Sermon

Why did it surprise anyone that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was and is a liar? Her whole belief system is built upon a lie.

She will attend a church service where it is expected she will hear a sermon delivering more lies that have been told long enough and often enough that the "sheep" of and to this system have shut off their reasoning and inquiry abilities in order to feel "blessed", "chosen", "saved", "called out" and "separated" from what they consider the dredge of the world who will suffer for eternity with punishment in a burning fire dished out by a "loving" God and that the sound of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth of those "goats" will be music to their ears.

Her art of lying has been perfected by a life-long gathering of like liars. How "heavenly".

I do know there is a lot of anger in the past few paragraphs that many people would be incensed by. My anger stems from many things, including the convoluted thinking and rationalization within the American experience of Christianity. If you are offended by these words I don't know whether to apologize or just simply say, "the truth hurts".

On a lighter note, I had a wonderful call on Skype from my daughter, I walked 10 miles, I went and visited some friends, I had 3 tacos that have been made in my family for over 50 years, and it looks like I might be going to bed early for once.

A good day.

End of sermon.

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