Day 30: It Would Be Suicide Not To

Remind me again. I know today is the day you are to celebrate the life of Anthony Bourdain. But when do we celebrate the life of a best friend, or a member of a family, or a neighbor? If suicide gives us a day of celebration, why aren't we celebrating the ways and means of death and others' deaths also? What does it take? Is it only celebrities' deaths by their own hand that equates to a good death because they entertained and added value to our lives?

If you live alone, the only meat you need in your house is ground beef or tuna. (Is tuna a meat? That puzzles me.) And Tuna should be in the cabinet only one can at a time.

As soon as I receive my first "thank" on I will donate it to the Pete Buttigieg campaign.

I will vote for Pete regardless.

Added: June 26th. I have made a correction in the first paragraph. I wanted to link together celebrity suicides thinking that Phil Hartmann had committed suicide when he was actually murdered by his wife. She killed herself. I am sorry for this mistake. I have removed his name and completely revised that first paragraph.

This just shows, don't take anything I or another blogger states as gospel truth.

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