Day 39: And God Is One Too

A hoax.

If I never hear the word "hoax" again, it won't be soon enough.

It's all a hoax anyway. The I and T. Apostrophe. S. And me.
And you. Hoaxed out of body. Hoaxed out of mind. The absurdity of it all. The absurdity of the universe. The absurdity of the universe having a "God". The absurdity of believing in something called a soul that breathes.

Then death.

Vanity of vanities. As they say.

Do you despair? Truly despair? Within you do you despair that you carry a soul in safekeeping for a creator "God" that detests you so much that you have to beg him for forgiveness?

I don't.

But I do despair because there is truly nothing there.

Thin air.

This morning I'm waiting for the brain to clear up its neurons. Purify, if you will. No rhyme or reason. Maybe coffee will do the cleansing.

Listening to the neighbor's dog. Incessant barking for hours on end. For over 5 years. I reside in a cesspool of a county in the "great" state of Tennessee. They love to abuse animals. They love the letter "K". Especially when it comes in threes. And don't forget the children. Abused upon abused children. But that's par for the course in today's America.

As an addendum, if you really want to abuse children, call them to the screen every time their President of The United States is on. Or read them his tweets. And tell them this is what they can be when they grow up. Tell them that this is what true Christianity looks like. Tell them that Jesus is living within Donald Trump.

Tell them to grab them some p*ssy.

That's what Jesus would do.

Oh wait. Jesus never did? Imagine that.

Wonder where his soul is at?

He never had one you say?

Then neither do I.

Don't have a good morning. There's nothing good, except to a god who's decided what morning or day you are to die.

Remember, "God" created darkness too and saw that it was good.

And he will cast you there when all is said and done, according to plan, unless you bend the knee and whimper for mercy.

Fooled you didn't he?

By the way, that same God is living in Donald Trump's heart. Precious isn't it?

The perfected hoax of hoaxes.

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