Day 46: Still still

Let's freestyle...

Worst store-bought cole slaw. Walmart's. Had it with my chicken livers that I fried last night. Livers were great. More onion is the secret.

There should be a law against whipped cream cheese.

Still lightheaded. Still grieving. My two other boys (cats) are too. Seriously. They are. I know.

I would like to get back to how I wrote starting this 100 day challenge originally. It felt real.

There was somebody who posted on List that must have stopped. I miss her. Can't remember her title. She was raw and honest. Please come back.

I'm still feeling so separated from the world. It has gotten worse this past six months. Maybe close to a year.

Went to two Mexican groceries in Jackson. Neither one had El Milagro shells. They are always out. Seems to me that you would buy more product when you have the demand for it. Seems to me that's the way you make money.

Speaking of which, the smell of a Mexican grocery/restaurant is one of my favorite smells in the world.

I want ice cream so bad. But I don't want the 25 carbs in a serving. About a cup.

I think the government should start issuing bullet-proof vests for everyone. They're certainly not going to ban assault rifles. I mean, it would make it a harder sport. Killing innocents.

It's all I got. I do better writing in the morning. Great advice...

More later. There's always more later.

(Still grieving.)

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