Day 51: Un-titled

Speak less to yourself and what you think you want to hear. You are speaking into a vacuum if you are not already doing what you are telling yourself to do.

A resting position is a place where the mind maintains itself on life-support.

The quiet morning. All mornings should be as quiet as possible. Being awake and being startled awake give two different responses. If you start out with a scream after being startled from your sleep, you spend the rest of the day recovering. Don't let yourself jump out of your skin. Motion the day to come slowly in.

Superficial. I pray to god that that's not a word that would ever be applied to me. But it's also a descriptive word that's not used nearly enough. There are lots of words that have fallen out of favor. Maybe it's because words, the oral speech, has become superficial in and of itself. We now use fingers to punch keyboards in the chest to make our point. But still, nobody is listening but to themselves.

The quiet morning. So quiet. Please keep on point for the day.

By the way, this is what I call freestyle, or freeform.

I have reached the point where the actual consuming of food holds less interest than the figuring out of what to consume. Then after all that work nothing really tastes good anymore. Or at least how I wanted it to taste.

Manifesto. Now that's a word that should fall out of favor. Doesn't even sound good does it?

Can't think of a word to title this note. I like that word better than post. Note. Noted. Is no title a title in and of itself? Dang. Why can't I think of a title? A descriptive word? My quiet is becoming disrupted by my frustration.

Okay. There it is. Un-titled. See what I did there? Didn't think so. I don't either.

More later. There's always more later.

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