Day 54: Scattered

"By Midnight"

I want to breathe
and know it's me.

I want to thrive
because I decide.

I want to expand
and understand.

I want to say
this was the day

I went to sleep
and knew what to keep.



Why do we attach the term "passed away" to someone who killed themselves; also known as suicide? It was their choice was it not? Even if they made it under the weight of mental illness, or stress, or depression, or addiction, the manner and means and cause by which they died was not the normal way or the human experienced way. If someone dies in a car wreck we don't say they passed away. If someone is murdered we don't say they passed away. If someone drowns we don't say they passed away. What makes suicide the word that is more and more being silenced? It is a cause of death is it not?

I would like the three last words of Jesus to be the universal pronouncement of death..."It is finished."

Is anybody paying attention? We will soon be at the point of no return...

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