2019-12-14 I didn't go to the gig

I decided to bail out of the gig. I'd rather have stayed at home than have a two hour round trip to London. A shame as it would have been a nice evening out. I lied and made the excuse that the trains were messed up. I also went to buy a ticket so I could claim my £45 per diem. That is a bit naughty but I don't really care. This company screws people over and I haven't had a pay rise in nearly two years. Well that's unless you count the £400 a year rise I got.

So we stayed in and had a had a chinese instead. This was after we went to the station pub for a bit. Had a few pints there which was nice. It's still pretty sad that I decided to stay at home rather than go out, but that's maybe telling for a lot of my motivation at the moment.

On the whole my motivation seems to have improved somewhat. I'm still hating social media. It's really crap if you ask me. I don't know why I'm bothering with Twitter anymore. Who am I actually speaking too? It's a bullshit echo chamber so I think I'll post there less. My ego has been growing less and less and my need to share my life online is dwindling.

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