UPLINK: 2020-04-30 If not now then when?

If you feel like a minority and your voice is not being heard. If you are passionate about something you believe is wrong that is unfolding before your eyes, is that no the time to shout about it. If your views are being ridiculed and labeled conspiracies and you

If now is not the time then when?

There is a time when this blog may be subject to a fine

Think about that for a second. Here is a small piece of cyberspace with nothing but words. Words typed into a computer by a human with several decades of live on planet earth. A Human that wants to express their view and have a voice. An anonymous human as for the first time in their life is too afraid to speak out with their views as they do not go with the governments words. This will soon be a crime, and in many countries it already is.

The author lives in a democracy call the UK. Has been publicly vocal on some pretty divisive topics such as Brexit. Publicly showed dissent against the government. Not today. For fear of basic career suicide I have largely remained quiet. Yet today we are seeing a fundamental change to our freedoms, and yet the author choses to remain anonymous posting under a pseudonym.

Like all humans I'm scared right now

I'm not scared of the virus. I'm scared of society. I'm scared of my neighbour. I'm scared of the economy. I'm scared of the government. But according to most people, these are not valid fears. Their fear trumps mine. I should just fuck off with my tinfoil hat.

The author needs to do more

I don't know what that is right now. I see our freedom of speech and right to privacy eroding every day. I would in the past be happy to "insta" and share pics of my food with the world, yet something fundamentally important to me as a human is being lost and I remain quite. The big platforms are censoring. They are being pressured by governments to do more. Society welcomes this censorship.

Take a second to think.

Just stop. Put your phone down for one second and engage your brain. These are new laws passed through government. No debate.

  • Mass Surveillance
  • Detention on medical grounds
  • Mandatory vaccination
  • Re-education

I don't get why people are cheering this "New Normal". Turn away for a second and the UK has become North Korea.

Here's a scene from a Nazi rally in 1934. Why didn't anyone in the crowd question the narrative? I can't believe everyone in the crowd that day were evil, or that they would image in 1939 the world went to war to try and crush one of the most evil people the world has seen.


That's propaganda for you. Most people in the UK will say "Oh that could never happen in the UK we have a history of being the good guys" - "Boris would never do that I've seen him on TV he seems nice". Well I'm sure the citizens of West Germany were thinking exactly the same thing.

Well it could. It is right now. Make no mistake

Stand up. If not now, then when?


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