UPLINK: 2020-04-30 Right vs Left - Divide and Conquer

Right vs Left - Divide and Conquer

Politics is the new religion of the west. It's so divisive it blows my mind. Left Vs Right. It's how many people identify their entire existence. It's how they define the enemy. It's how they call out people they hate. It's absolutely bonkers. I'm sure if someone interviewed my philosophy they would uncover many right wing views of less government control and deregulation, but paradoxically believe access to good healthcare is a fundamental right of all citizens. I support gay and minority rights, but I'm think political correctness can be bonkers. I believe the protecting the environment and conserving resources is essential for our survival as a species, but also believe the free market is important.

Stop sitting on the fence and pick a fight

Why? Why do I need to pick a side? Why should I chose between two sides who fundamentally attach each other based on some ideology. I don't identify with either of these people. I have my views and sometimes they align with the left, sometimes with the right. What does that make me? A philosopher? A Dreamer? Someone who needs a realty check?

Think of politics day - especially for the millennial. Most claim to be SJWs but they don't give a shit about the policies. They back an ideology that they are right and you are wrong, which ever side of the fence they are. This is mainly true in the US. In the UK, it's pretty much a popularity contest for which ever leader they like the most. I bet if you asked the average person under 30 in the UK what party they identify with they would say - "I dunno". Many won't even bother to vote and if they did will be based on "I like Boris" or "I can't stand Boris". I'm older than 30 but have voted for both of the main UK parties. These were based on my understanding of their main policies and how they would affect me. There is one fundamental problem with this approach now:

Politicians lie

This is an old cliche'. It used to be that politicians were caught lying and were held accountable. Now there is plenty of research that shows that politicians that lie are even more popular if it fits your world view. That's crazy - humans now prefer politicians that lie. How are we supposed to make informed decisions, when the truth is hidden.

Divide and conquer

I think this Is the tried and tested approach. Get the masses to fight amongst themselves, then take control. It's not a new approach, but it works. People are too busy mememing their opposition to see what policies are being put in place, the new laws that are being written.

I had no idea I would write on this subject this morning. It started out as something different entirely. I guess that's the free flow benefits of writing and freedom of speech. This is a pretty long streak of a week of writing every day. Several draft ideas in progress too.


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