2019-05-10 Tempted to by a Kindle Paperwhite, so why so much internal debate?

I've been struggling on with my old Kindle for ages. It's a beaten up old Kindle wifi. It works a treat though so why upgrade? I must have spent hundreds of hours with this device. Good and fulfilling hours too, not like my phone.

I want to upgrade as I want a backlight so I can read a kindle in bed rather than using my phone (which I use now for either for the kindle app, or just pissing around on the web).

I've seen some Kindle Paperwhites on ebay for around £40. That's pretty reasonable when you think about it for something that can store as much reading material as anyone could read in a lifetime. Has inSaNe battery life and can fit (nearly) in your pocket. I've always ranked the kindle as my all time favourite device man created.

What's holding me back?

  1. I'm a tight bugger and hate spending cash on anything
  2. I've got a perfectly functional device and I hate wasting things
  3. I procrastinate about all decisions
  4. Where the hell did I put that Kindle attachable light thing I had - that would be a solution.

Why wait? I want to fill my life with meaningful information rather than the same old internet shit that I have binged on in the past (instagram was my biggest vice - creating not consuming I might add). A kindle Paperwhite can mean I will have meaningful information in bed. So why not treat myself to this device?

I should wait because I can't just give into every little whim that I have to buy a new gadget. Man, this is an internal termoil I often have going on for the stupidest purchases. Also the research piece. Is a Paperwhite 3 better than a Paperwhite 2 and worth the extra ten quid? Next ensures the review searching, youtube watching 2 hours of wasted time. Totally pointless.

But what about just buying the top of the range model? It's only £120. I earn a very decent wage so why not just get something that is clearly going to perform better than a Paperwhite 2 second hand at £40. Bloody choices. Bloody brain for adding yet another option. What is it about modern times and having so many options on what to buy.

This is why I need to unplug more. This exact scenario. How has the web got me spending a few hours deciding what bloody kindle to buy. I need to be more impulsive or just appreciate what I've got.

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