2019-05-10 Gratitude for the guestbook comments

I had two very kind folks comment in my guestbook today. I've only just got started, on this platform so:-

Wow - thank you :)

It gave me an absolute positive lift and confirmed that this is a great place for me to put my writing online. I thank you for your considered kind words. Positive comments, thank you so much, you made my day.

But also, it makes me ponder about what I am trying to achieve here...

It isn't guestbook entries, just because i get a little tingle of love from the guestbook that makes me feel special - that just makes me feel like I should go mainstream. I don't want to go mainstream, I really don't. I want to be authentic and perhaps a little bit edgy - man I'd love that, a genuine place online where I can be edgy and not seek approval though likes, comments and so on.

I updated my "profile" it currently reads: "The less you know about me the more I reveal" I did this to remind myself that I want this new experiment of 'listed' to be just that - a place to share private thoughts. Share them somewhat anonymously, and not try for any feedback, appreciation, guestbook, or love. That goes against nearly everything I stand for, but it could be quite enlightening. We will see.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the guestbook entry. Just keep writing, I'll be reading.

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