2019-05-11 Why listed?

Dear friends,

This really feels like freedom. This platform.

At least that's what I think right now as I'm kinda happy for a place that I can write and share.

I've been reading a few of the other blogs hosted here. It's nice that I see many are in some ways anonymous. That's the draw for me. Not because I have some clandestine reason to be here. Just the home page rings a bell for me:

You worry less about how others will perceive your words, and more about feeling fulfilled that you shared your experience in its truest form.

That is a truly beautiful statement. What's the alternative?

Well I tweet quite a bit, that's not anonymous, well I guess it could be if opened a new account. I'm not entirely sure this platform is anonymous - hey, it's the web. Also, I reckon this whole platform will be shut down at some point, like so many internet services (maybe it won't but I'm a major sceptic of free internet services - hey maybe I should pay).

There are a few other things I love about this platform.

  • It's totally frictionless. Type - Publish
  • The word count is inspiring. Not because it's a race, but because it's a marker of progress
  • It feels like a hidden gem of calm amongst an increasingly hectic world
  • I'm not creating anything to impress people, it's just raw and authentic

So how am I going to use this? Who knows? By the looks of things so far, quite a lot. Is that a problem? Why do I question how often or how much I post here? Does that even matter? Right now I'm posting several posts a day. In the future I may not post at all. I always have a bit of a fear that a service like this could disappear overnight. It's happened many times before. Or it could just change it's terms. I'm not going to worry about that right now though my words are captured for me, all in plain text. I'll just move on if I need to....That's why I put a date in front of the title of my posts. If I ever decide to port this blog I notes that are dated, which will help. It also means I can sort by date in Standard Notes or any other note taking app.

Maybe for me this is a journal, a blog, a dumping ground of thoughts and ideas. Maybe posting too much will piss people off. Does that matter? Why should I care? I do care, but that's not the point of this place. It's just about being free, free to type and share what's on my mind - with myself.

In other news, I bought the Kindle Paperwhite that I referred to in a previous post. I'm on a mission to try and cut out distractions from my life. Most distractions are in the form of my phone and laptop. My laptop I love, that's exactly what I am typing this on. I love punching away on these keys, but it's also a massive distraction as it's connected to the internet. My phone is a huge distraction too and I'm trying my best to spend less time on it. That's why I could justify buying the kindle. It is one of the best distraction free reading experiences I know of and probably the one device I would take to a desert island. So I've treated myself and it's good to treat yourself occasionally.

What's this new purchase of a kindle got to do with Listed?

I think it's pretty apparent to me that both are linked. Spending more time offline, worrying less about what people think. Philosophising, reading, writing. That's what I'm trying to achieve with Listed and my new kindle. I expect I will write more on this in the future - my workflow, my habits, my endeavour to grow mentally.

Listed could be a game changer for me.

Here's to freedom!

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