2019-05-12 The Footy Season Wraps with a win

So the footy season is over, both for me as a player and the English Premier League. There's still the champions league to go and the FA cup, but the league is done.

I play in a vets football team. That is a team of players over 35. That means we are all falling apart physically, but we are all super competitive. We've already won the league, but we were playing Ash a team of physical and tough players. We wanted to finish on a high. We'd won every game of the season so far. We wanted to win every single game. We had a problem today. The ref hated us. He had it in for us from the minute we kicked off. I have no idea why, maybe he was mates with one of the Ash players. Anyway, they scored first. That was a disaster and never happened before. It was a soft penalty, like really soft. All the fouls today were soft 1-0.

We had to come from behind. We pulled one back, but had a couple of bookings. Some for tackles, mostly for dissent. crazy really I've never seen anything like it. The ref was shouting full blast at our players. I think he was a bit out of control. So it was 1-1 still in the running. 1-1 at half time.

Then they smashed one one in after half time. 2-1 I don't really remember the goal, but it hurt. I really thought here we go, we will lose this now. Pulled one back lovely 2-2 more bookings, more dissent. I then get called up to warm up. On I go with 10 mins left. How much I wanted to score the winner. Would have loved it.

Sending off - our keeper only goes and gets sent off! We are down to 10 men for the last 7 minutes. What a nightmare. He deserved it too. Got taken down, then went to go and kick the pplayer back.

Game carries on with 10 men on our-side. I played my part, but didn't score the winner - I did see it bobble in though from a Westy cross-shot. 2-3 game out. We do, we cling on for the next few mins and get the win. Then all hell breaks loose. Swearing shouting, kicking stuff around, going after the ref in front of his kid. Totally out of order. I know he was awful, maybe even corrupt, but don't go after the guy in front of his kid.

I expect we will get a bad match report. We also played a player that wasn't eligiable and so could be in deep shit. Never mind we won the league and won every game. It was hard fought, but decent.

What a season. Absolutely loved every minute. Top bunch of guys, committed to the end.

Bloody loved every second.

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