2019-04-30 Thoughts on Winning the Leage

On Sunday the vets footy team I'm part of won the league title. Currently unbeaten over 13 games with one game to go.
I contributed a this season. Always coming off the bench. Sometimes for only for 10 mins, sometimes longer.

Thoughts on Winning the league

  • A league season is totally different to a one off game. I know that sounds obvious, but it galvanises a team, makes training more fun and provides a long term goal.
  • The comradery in football is second to none. There simply is nothing like it, especially over the course of a season.
  • Playing the arch rivals in the league is proper emotional a combination of nerves, excitement and adrenaline.
  • Although we all take it seriously, some people more than others
  • Watching from the sidelines when you are part of the squad is totally different to watching a team you support.
  • Being part of team over the season gives a better perspective of how professional footballers feel - I know this sounds stupid, but it does give you a tiny perspective into their motivations and fears.
  • Seeing how much a win means to other team mates and coaches is the ultimate motivator.
  • I don't know what would have happened if we lost, I'm in a squad of players that would take it very badly indeed.

Thoughts on 11 aside Vets football

  • Space and time, so much of it, no need to panic on the ball
  • Stick to your job. There's no point trying to be a hero if you can't do your main job
  • As above, work hard to get back into position
  • Pitches are better soft and damp, a rock solid pitch will break your feet
  • Defence is one of the best forms of attack. Work it from the back.
  • Always face the ball if you can, play can start quickly
  • knees and ankles take a beating
  • Just because someone is old and fat doesn't mean they can't play. Underestimate anyone at your peril.
  • Some people take it way too seriously and will kick you and call you a ****
  • Other teams can bottle it all together, which is disappointing. If you are in a league put out a team
  • Keeping the better half happy is key to spending every Sunday playing football

So all in all a great experience and I really hope to be part of something next year. At 40 I'll still have a bit of time before my body starts falling apart.

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