2019-05-19 Predictions for next week

It's been one of those days. Our puppy "B" has decided to have her first season. Or at least we think that's what is about to happen. She managed to time it with the busiest week of our year. We had planned to put her into doggy day care. They won't accept her in that condition so it looks like a 3 hour drive to the in-laws to look after. What a right royal pain in the arse. Honestly, like we don't have enough going on, but bless her all the same it's not her fault and she brings so much joy to our lives.

Work wise, why do people email on a Sunday. What wankers. I mean, I work hard enough as it is but I'm not answering emails today. Sunday's are probably the most precious day of the week for me. A chilled time for family and friends before the madness of the week. I shouldn't of checked, but I did. There was the email. An trivial ask, but he can fuck right off. My new boss is already pissing me off. He's just rude. There is no need for shitty emails on a Sunday, demanding information. I'm no way rising to that. He can go do one. I've worked for people like him before. Very Alpha male, likes to call all the shots. I'll just play the game, I always do. I'll get the last laugh as I'm not the one dedicating my time to work on a Sunday. Simple. I only have one laptop that I use for both work and play. In fact it is a company issued laptop. The very one I'm writing this on now. I'll be shutting my email off in future. If he was a nicer bloke I might respond. I just don't deal well with people barking orders at me.

This blog again has the danger of veering off into the negative. Maybe that's not a bad thing. It's good to vent. I'm feeling the pressure this week that's for sure. If you met me in life you'd know I was the most positive person you would be likely to meet. But we all think certain things and like to let things off our chest. I think this lil' blog could be just that. Things will get back on an even keel after next week and become more positive for sure. Normal service will resume. That's a promise.

In other news, C's business is thriving. But she's trying to manage this alongside her day job. I'm massively full of admiration. I couldn't do what she does. Not only is she pumping herself full of drugs to try and give us a baby, she's building an incredible business that she can run from home when she has the baby. If only that last round of IVF worked, we'd be on course for a perfect year. As it is, we are still in total limbo.

Here I am again, not writing articles as such. I really want to write with a bit more meaning. This is just babble as it comes out of my head. No structure, not much considered thinking. I guess maybe that's what I meant by 'uplink' I'm just sending small packets of information to this server, largely in real time. The name is not important, the process is. I have a few predictions for my writing next week. Either:

  1. I will be too busy to write and post - It's crazy busy week next week
  2. I will vent a lot next week - there is a shit load of stuff bubbling to the surface
  3. I won't write because the stuff I want to share is waaay to personal to my work life
  4. I'll write, but I'll write some fluff article about motivation or marketing or something.

I really hope it's number two. I'm being sensible, at least I hope I am. I'm not using real names. I'm trying to obscure the details. I'm also not being nasty, just factual. I expect someone could follow the clues I've left here and likely figure out who I am. Equally, I'd just deny it. But I'm rubbish at lying and getting worse. I'm a natural smiler and as soon as someone accuses me of lying - if I am I'll just smile. That gives it away right away. So I won't be lying here on this blog of mine, but I'll be smiling all the same. It's good to smile. It kinda makes the world go round. At least it does mine :)


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