2019-05-19 Sunday morning musings

Today I have no plans. I have a full on week next week. Some of the senior execs are over from the US. Plus a new boss. This is causing me some anxiety. I've been in this situation a many times before but the pressure is on like never before. I've got to finish my presentation for the meetings. I refuse to work today though. Not on a Sunday. I'll blast it out tomorrow and absolutely nail it. I'll write more on that situation tomorrow.

Today is a new day, time is running away. I've got to get a few things sorted as I'm on holiday at the end of the month. Really looking forward to that. Just some time to decompress and relax. On a beach in Spain. Bring it on. I really need got get in shape for that too. I've not been exercising recently. Mainly because the football season has ended. I'm not training on Wednesdays and I'm no longer playing a match on Sunday. Imma gonna get fat if this carries on. So I'll have to get some biking or running in. Also cut out the booze. Usually I'm not so vain, but we are on holiday with some friends. They don't usually see me topless. There is no way I'm covering up in the sunshine so I need to look at least a little bit trim. I'm not too worried as our main mate T is pretty chunky anyway. Doubt he'll be showing anything off. I'm sounding pretty vain here for sure. I guess we all are in some way. Here's a list of shit I need to get done for the holiday:

  • Order PIN for credit card (I don't use my credit card but need it to hire a car)
  • Order a transferwise card (cheaper for buying stuff abroad)
  • Book hire car

Right, now I've captured that I feel a bit better. Those are the biggies I need to get done. As no hire car and we'll not be able to get where we are going, or an expensive taxi!


Again my thoughts shift to the writing here. My plans for uplink. I'm still writing this in Standard Notes. Although I'm also backing this up into a single textfile in an encrypted disk partition on my mac. It's nice to have a backup and also have all of my words in one single massive text file. I've kept a journal for a while although always private. It's funny though because it was private I was less enthusiastic about it. I'd just capture the mundane. What I did, where I went, who I met. I didn't capture my thoughts or emotions. The weird thing is with a private audience - I'm opening up more, wearing my heart on my sleeve. Surely that's counter intuitive. Surely a completely private diary would be one where I would be bolder in my prose? I'm a funny old bean, I guess.

I am reading the other blogs here on listed. On the whole I'm fascinated. It's pretty cool to see other people's random thoughts. It lead me to look at other anonymous blogging platforms. One that stuck me as also neat is write.as. I guess it's a very similar model to this platform. I've not signed-up for Write.as and I'm not sure I'll bother. It looks a nice platform for sure, but I'm here now and can't be arsed to sign-up for yet another internet service. How many must I have registered for? Tens of dozens I guess. I'm happy here for now. I just like the feel of it. It feels a little niche. Like a little oasis amongst the madness of the internet. Write.as looks to much like promotion and too feature rich. Maybe I'll love it if I tried, but it's not for me not now.

Since I've been using this platform for notes and writing, I always seem to be drafting. I've got a tag for notes I've stated. These are fleeting thoughts that pop into my head. I'd love to extend these all out to longer articles, and I will. Articles might be too grand a word. These will be small musings - "thoughts on". I usually have these thoughts while I'm out and about so it's great this app is cross-platform. Although I guess I could carry a little physical note book with me. That would be kind of cool. I used to love writing in my physical journal. Maybe I'll go back to that one day. For now though digital is working for me.

Here's an example of some of the "thoughts on" drafts

  • Why google kills innovation
  • Why I love podcasts
  • Why I've stopped taking so many photos
  • Waiting for inspiration is a waste of time
  • Swearing online
  • Keeping a personal wiki
  • Good pain
  • Dreams for rent
  • Avoiding the news makes me happy
  • Connections vs Conversations

What a weird list. When am I going to find the time to write all those out into meaningful thoughts? Especially if I keep babbling none-sense like this post here.


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