2019-05-20 Lost access to Listed

(aaaaand I'm back)

I've lost my access to my listed blog. I uninstalled the extension, but when I re-installed realised I didn't have the unique key to login. Game over. What a shame for that account I was just getting going. Plus I can't go back and edit or delete any of that content. Here's a tip. Don't lose your credentials key you are stuffed if you do. I knew I'd somehow manage to screw something up I usually do.

So it's been a pretty decent day so far. Managed to power through most of my presentation that I prepared for the week. It's looking pretty good. I'm sure J will find a way to tear it apart though. I've put plenty of effort into it and I'm sure that shows. I'm as confident as I can be, I know my shit so will be able to address any tough questions that come my way.

I've gotta have a shave tonight and get the smart clothes out and ironed. In my experience looking the part is as important as what you say. Dress sharp, look healthy bright eyed and it goes a long way to influencing people. That's the thing it is about subtly influencing those people that have flown over from the US to influence us. Take back control by looking great and feeling great. To that end, no booze tonight not even a drop. I'll cook some chicken and some salad - relatively healthy and then get a good nights sleep. Will need to be on the early train incase anything goes wrong.

In other news took B to the vet today. She's not in season so can go to the carers this week. That's great news. Means no 3hr drive down to the inlaws. She is due though so we will see how that goes.

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