2019-05-21 Visit from my US friends

Up and about at 05.50 want an early start to get going and organised. Shaver out of battery so only half shaved.

Made the 07.22 train which got me into waterloo at 08.05 waiting to meet A. I thought I'd explore a bit about how I feel heading into this meeting. I feel good and I look pretty good. It's a warm sunny day. That always lifts my spirits. This time of year is beautiful. I really need to get out of bed and go for a run on such a lovely morning. Maybe later in the week, for now I just need to get cranking and get to work. I kind of feel like I'm in interview mode, which I guess I am. I feel less exposed that AJ who basically sets the strategy. I'm going to rely heavily on the fact that I've got no budget. How the hell can a marketer be expected to generate pipeline without any budget, that's crazy.

Coming home after reflecting on things the day went pretty well. The jury is still out on J as far as I'm concerned.

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