2019-05-26 Reflecting on a crazy week

So it's been a pretty crazy week. I am proper glad it's Sunday. Ive just got back from a Sunday morning football kickabout and I'm well pleased the week is done. The exec visit was pretty full on and I'm surprised just how intense it was and how much it stressed me out. 8 Hours of presentations a day. 8am meetings to talk shit and the last day late into the night - home at 2.00am. I think I did ok. I also met a new connection ND and she could help secure a new future in this place. That's encouraging. Not that I want to step up. Call it lack of ambition, call it what you will, but I have no inclination to ramp up my responsibility or stress levels for a few extra quid. I'm kinda happy where I am in the pecking order thanks very much.

So after such a burnout week, I'm pleased it's the weekend and a long on at that. C and her sister are out running a wedding this week. That's great, I'll just chill read a book or two and have a few beers. The weather yesterday was spectacular. It's decent today, but not quite so good. It's funny how I haven't been writing. I guess because the pressure was on this week, I didn't really have the time or the inclination. I've still been thinking about going back to paper journaling and scanning that in. I kind of loved pen on paper. That said I type faster. But I like to look back at paper journals more. They feel more authentic somewhow. Perhaps I'll try both, bounce between the two. So back on topic. The objectives for this week were pretty simple.

  • Get 1-2 messages across about the state of the business I work in.
  • Leave a great impression that I'm a top talent at what I do.
  • Make some new connections and networks into the business.

I'm pretty sure I achieved all three of those objectives. I'm naturally a positive person. Although the situation is a bit dire at the moment (zero sales). I can't dwell on the negativity. It just isn't my style. Actually, this style turned the whole thing around and we ended up dining in one of the best and most expensive restaurants in London. Goes to show what being positive and having the right connections can do.

Glad that bloody week is done. That's for sure.

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