2019-05-27 Bank Holiday Monday trying to simplify

Today is bank holiday in the UK. This is a good thing, another day off. I damn well work hard enough as it is, I rekon every Monday should be a day off. What happened to the world getting more efficient and moving to a 4 day week. Actually we are all just working harder. On call 24hrs a day in a global economy. The idiots I work with even decided to start a whatsapp group and text me yesterday. What the fuck was that all about. It's a Sunday. The whole point of Sunday is to not have any contact at all with work collegues. If they text today, then I might just leave the group. Maybe then they will get the hint.

I've been offline a lot more recently and it's been really nice. I've found that I'm kind of content in just reading and writing. I don't need to consume the internet to pass the time. I really think that the book I read on digital minimalism might have changed me for the better. There are only a few things on the internet that are essential to my exisitance and even my need for those is starting to wane. It's still pretty bonkers just how much time I would waste on the net. Rather than learning new things in boooks I'd just dumbly scroll through endless drivel. What a waste of time. I woudln't even capture any notes.

Heading off to sunny climes this week. I've got a lot to get done before I go and veg out around a pool. I'm gonna load up as many books as I can. I want to power few a couple I've had lined up for a while. A couple of autobiographies. That's the beauty of a kindle, just load it up and go. I'm seriosusly thinking of leaving both my laptops at home and just traveling with my tablet. The only reason I'd need a laptop is if my work call or if I need to type something up. I could probably do that on my tablet anyway. I kind of want to get to the position where I can just work off a tablet. I especially love that over the summer. My current one is a bit old and rubbish for that, so I might invest in a new one with a deceent keyboard. I'm probably sorted for work then. I kind of like the way that tablets can't multi task. It's actualy a strength in getting things done, being able to focus on just one thing. I need to get back into that.

I've got to sort my bloody photos out. I'm way back on that task. I have some many to delete and sort through it's not even funny. I'm moving off google photos and just want to get back to simply backing these up on my hard drive at home. Why has everything got so complicated? I need a really simple solution to everything. Life's just too short to be messing around with technology. I'll maybe document this a bit better in the future.

The weather was a bit shit today. Cold in fact that's the worst thing about the Britain summer. Never quite sure what you are gong to get or how good the weather will be. It would be nice if we could rely on the weather to have loads of BBQs and really enjoy the summer. That's why I'd quite like to move to Portugal. That's the ultimate dream for me really, great weather food, surfing and a really chilled outdoor lifestyle. That's the plan eventually to get out there and away from this miserable land. I have no idea how brexit is going to affect that plan, but for sure it is not going to help. That's another shit storm that is something worth not reading the news for. Politics in this country has gone to pot, I demon we are the laughing stock of the planet. How not to run a country 101 - simple, just look at the UK as the model.

So there we have another day in the books. A pretty relaxed day all in all.

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