2019-05-28 Getting ready to leave for Spain

Logged back into Trello. Think I'm going to start using that again for my to-do list. I like todo.txt but I just can't seem to stick with it... I really need to get a bit better organised. There is shit loads going on right now.

I've got a lot to get done today. I'm off on holiday tomorrow yesssss!

Loads to do, I'm not packed and I'm still doing washing which I'm desperately trying to get dried and outside when it keeps raining. I'm trying to do this all through the backdrop of conference calls and closing off work so I can enjoy things a bit with my laptop closed for a few days.

All equipment needs to be charged and packed. Cameras, laptops, tablets, phone, power bank. Cables, so many cables. I really could do with traveling light again. My headphones are buggered too, so I'll need to get some of those at the airport. I lose or break so many of these buggers, I should have a subscription service to headphones.

The flight tomorrow is pretty short - 2hrs from Bristol to Alicante. Should be a lovely little hop. Love these short little flights, the last one I was on before that was a 15 hour slog back from Mauritius. Wow talk about ungrateful. But 15 hours in economy isn't nice for anyone. A two hour flight is cool. Sit back, have a rest, read a book and unwind for a bit. I'll be driving the other side so no beer which is a bit of a shame. Got the car hired which is decent, certainly cheaper than getting a taxi £105 for the week, which is good.

Been a pretty manic morning. Managed to get everything done that I wanted to. Except the pesky internal training on ethics. I just can't access the survey. What a pain.

Washing dried and packed, think it may be a struggle to squeeze two people's stuff into one 20kg suitcase. Still it saves £40 to do this and I'm a cheapskate, so worthwhile.

Was just about to travel to Somerset to drop Bells off and had a call from ND. She was on holiday and having a beer. She still wants to hire me in the next 3 months. Very weird and I'm trying to figure it all out to be perfectly honest. She only met me for a couple of hours and is now so impressed she wants to hire me? Suggested an interview with her boss when I get back from holiday. May as well have that chat, but I don't intend to go anywhere right now.

Got to the in-laws ok. Bells went nuts, proper excited, but a nervous kind of excitement. P is being a dick as usual, threatening to spray her with water. Dunno why he does that, just to wind everyone up. Miserable old git. Still he's giving us a lift to the airport so that's decent of him.

In bed by 11.30 and read for a bit. Busy and long day tomorrow.

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