2019-05-30 First day in Spain Xavier - Private chef

0800 Awake and typing this on my phone in bed.

This room is bloody dark. Shutters on windows lead to a great night sleep. I don't know why we don't do this in the UK. Maybe because we just don't have as much sunshine as Spain, so the last thing we want to do is shit it out. We also dont have siestas the Spanish. I know C will want to sleep in, but I want to get up and face the day. I usually shower in the evenings when on holiday, (no point having a shower then hitting the beach to sit in the sea). Bit don't know what the etiquette is even away with friends. That's the thing too. Never really done a holiday with other people. It's usually just the two of us. This is gonna be a weird experience we will either love or hate.

Went to the market to grab some veg and drinks for the BBQ. Was a nice little market. Really busy. Worth going though, the churuos we well tasty, 12 for 4 Euros. Talk about cheap. Also bought 30 eggs for 3 Euros you could live like a king for nothing out here. Got back to the villa after a trip to the sea and party shop for balloons etc. The balloons then blew off into the neighbours, but the builders gave them back. Hung around the pool for a while, looked a bit chilly to get in though. Maybe tomorrow. The weather is around 26c but feels much hotter in the sun. Had a few beers and cooked pasta up for everyone. Pesto and a few tomatoes. Was pretty decent.

Evening BBQ Dani Bowler private chef came over and cooked for us. Did an amazing job, so much food it was unreal. Delicious freshly prepared meats - steak and belly pork. Loads of prawns and ribs. He did the ribs in coke, and a bunch of other unusual ingredients. Well hungry by the time it all came to eat. All the guests turned up around 6pm. Was a real blast. Funny how we made a joke of all being dressed like Roger. Was a real family do and felt a bit like a crasher. Felt welcome of course. Drank loads of booze, stuck to the beer and a couple of glasses of red wine. Avoided spirits so not to to bad. T got a F1 Tag watch for his birthday. Well decent, but some one mentioned that it would cost £300 a year to service. What the hell is that about? Buy a £3k watch you'd expect it to work with out a service every year. Each to there own. Was an absolutely brilliant night, though, loved it good food, drink and friends.

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