2019-06-06 Thoughts on Maslow again, Mehendi Night

0740 up with a coffee and writing. This is almost becoming a ritual. I'm sure it's one of my old buddies birthdays today, I can't remember who. I'm a bit rubbish like that.
I changed the blog text font to Courier. I don't know why I like to write in this font so much, I just do. It's not a readable as other non-monospace fonts, but I just like it.

Maslow's Heierarchy of Needs

I've been thinking a bit this morning as I've woken up about Maslow's hierarchy of needs and where I am on the pyramid. I've definitely got the basics covered.

  • Physiological needs
  • Safety needs

Totally nailed if I'm honest. I can eat and sleep, I'm warm and I feel safe.
The next three I think is where I can work on:

  • Social belonging
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-actualization

I don't know exactly how I would work on them or what I need to do to get to self-actualization. It's worth me pondering these over the next few days and weeks. Maybe then I can draw some conclusions on how to improve my life.

Social Belonging : According to Maslow, humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among social groups, regardless of whether these groups are large or small.

I guess I do have that covered. I also guess that social media covered that for me a lot in the past. I used to be a social media fiend. I would post multiple times a day to Instagram stories. Sharing all sorts of mundane stuff, then check the views. What was the point in that. "Oh wow, my life is so amazing look at me" Fuck that, those days are over. I'm actually becoming more insular I rekon. I'm actually starting to care less about the wider world. I care less about social belonging on social media. I care less about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Flickr. I really don't feel the need to share much more beyond this little blog here. But it's good to share and I'm relishing a bit of anonymity. Being online and in the spotlight of the world suddenly feels a bit creepy to me.

So how am I going to improve this area of my life? What practical things can I do to feel a belonging? Firstly I think it needs to start with my wife. She's the single most important person in my life, so if I start anywhere it should be there. Maybe I'll start a bit of a gratitude journal or something that will just improve how I think of our relationship. Maybe I'll come up with new ideas on how to improve this area of my life going forwards.

1045 Decided to get back into Blogger. Will use this a bit of a journal too. Posting to both Standard Notes and Blogger. I never stick at any one system for long so It's no surprise that I now might move to a different platform.


C and I went to Mehndi night at the Watford Hilton. It was a real blast. Left home at 6.30. Dropped Bella off at Emma's. She was in the garden and didn't hear the doorbell at first. We left the party around 10pm to pick Bella back up.

We met the printer a chap called Raj from Leicester. He is sun is something to do with the GSMA forum and Mobile World Congress. He is also part of "Case for Change". Really nice bloke, but talked a lot!

The groom did a first song of you'll never walk alone, which was a big cringe, but what else could he sing to be fair.

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