2019-06-07 2019-06-07 C goes to wedding - Working at home with the dog

Up early today 0730 and I'm typing away. I updated my blogger profile:

Born and live in England. I've always been a writer and photographer. In early 2019 I decided to put it all in blogspot. I hope they don't kill the platform. I write about everything that is on my mind. It's got to be better here than in my head or a bit of dross on Twitter.

I'm not sure I'm even gonna use blogger anymore. I just may self host some text files. That always seems a bit easier.

It's absolutely pissing it down today. Horrible weather, even Bella doesn't really want to go outside. I don't blame her. When are we gonna get some nice weather? Just plain horrid this rain. Considering I was in baking Spanish sunshine earlier this week. It's a total washout.

C has her Indian wedding today. Fortunately It's all inside, but it has been raining solid for several hours. Bella just sleeping like a baby.

On this listed thing again. I'm running into a problem. Firstly I'm having to censor myself. Clearly nothing on the web is truly anonymous. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to track me down. I'm feeling like I should open up more in a journal. That's on of the great benefits. Here lies the rub, I'm kinda keeping two journals. Or maybe even three.

  1. The public one I'm posting to listed
  2. The actual narrative in my head that I'm having to censor
  3. A separate set of encrypted notes

This is not good. And I'm torn. Do I just keep two journals? One public and one Private? Do I open up a bit more here on this blog? What's the point then in having a public journal? It's all very confusing. In typing this, I think I'll just have two journals for now and see how it goes. I'm enjoying the semi-private nature of Listed right now so may well continue.

Also, I was looking for a way to nuke my account if I needed to. Seems I can only delete a post at a time, so if I thought listed had become a bit too much, I'd have to delete hundreds of posts. Seems to me that self-hosting might be a better way forwards. Just selfhost a plain text file. Or I might just go back to written journals. I kinda liked those. Anyways I'm just a bit confused on what I'm trying to achieve here.

Anyway I feel absolutely knackered today. I think the shite weather does this. I don't feel at all motivated and just want to sleep like Bella. We went for a walk when the rain stopped for a bit. Really muddy out, but warm in the sunshine. Back home to finish up work and a few calls. Rounded off with a Thai Green curry and sat down for a few beers and a book. Crazy cold, actually had to put the fire on it was so chilly. That meant I promptly fell asleep until 2200. Woke up to missed calls and texts. Phoned the wife, she'd had a good day, all went smoothly, not too much work to do. Opened a few more beers and read some more of my book. Pretty cool so far - Peter Crouch, How to Be a Footballer. Will finish this this weekend without a doubt. Also downloaded Metro 2033. I fancy reading a bit more good fiction. Especially after- Kiss me Judas, which was a trippy book, very readable, but didn't;'t make much sense. I still don't get the ending.

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