2019-09-25 Where have I been?

That is a pretty good question. I've been becoming more increasingly introvert and private in my digital life. I'm reigning back from social media almost entirely. Instagram has gone, facebook I don't use anymore and I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of Twitter. Although here I am publishing things to the web. I will do this in a more anonymous way in the future. It's nice to express myself in words and I love the feeling of just me and a keyboard, a blank white screen. It's a pleasure just to type and not be judged. So who knows when I will publish again, or even if I will. Maybe I'll try this daily writing challenge again. I have a little netbook with me right now and it's quite a nice form for typing in plain text.

So I think I might give up on my online blogging life, It's just to much hassle. I've come to realise that online and cloud isn't all it's cracked up to for me. I would be better off with a1 1TB usb hard drive for most of my needsI. Just encrpt that and back it up. The only real usecase I have these days for cloud is to access everything on my phone on the move. I imagine eventually, I'll just have a 1tb SD card or phone or something with all of my data. that would be pretty cool to be fair.

So this isn't really addressing the question of 'where have I been?' I guess I have just been away from the online space. It's nice to be back on Listed and standard notes and just ramble on about things. I think I'll continue to use this as and when I need to. I still have my blogger account, but increasingly wonder who I'm writing for. I would post these blog posts to twitter, but it all seems a bit pointless now. There are some quotes I need to dig out on why it's just madness to be on social media. I've been reading up on a few blogs on digital minimalism and I really like the notion of just doing things privately from now on. I really love to streamline things and really minimise how I do things.I just need as few tools possible to document and publish my life, Standard notes being a prettty decent note taking app. I just love the encryption. Let's face it we are getting less and less privacy by the day, so it's nice to have a safe space to be able to capture one's thoughts.

Here's the things I use digital tools for::

  1. Writing a journal and capturing notes
  2. Capturing photos of my day and everything I see
  3. Capturing vidoes of my day and everything I see
  4. Consuming media - Music, Books, News
  5. Communicating with people realtime

1-4 I could achieve largely offline. Why do I need blog tools, flickr or google photos, cloud music or even the internet? Perhaps I should try a life offline and see how i get on. I could even go back to paper journaling, which I adore, but I just can't seem to stick at beyond my digital journal. So I might just try and stick to offline for a bit, just use this little netbook that I'm typing on along with a high capacity drive.

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