2019-09-26 Thoughts again

Today is a brand new day and I'm going to treat it as such. I plan to get my all of my stuff organised on an external encrypted hard drive. This will be my life. Ok so I'm typing here into the cloud, but I really am thinking about ditching it all together.

I've also created a separate anonymous twitter account. I'm really hating having to have my real identity online. I really preferred the days when I had a user handle, not because I was up to no good. Quite the opposite more often. I now hate the way the internet is intrinsically linked to your real life, mainly so tech companies can serve ads. I equally hate ads, they are usually pretty useless when it come to targeting me anyway.

I'm back in the 'office' after a few days out travelling and realise what a drain work is. I'm not sure I'm enjoying what I do anymore. I guess I've been doing the same thing over again for so long it's not quite as much fun. I think that could probably apply to quite a few aspects of my life. Again I'm rambling, but these are morning pages afterall and I get to ramble. The weather in the country is shit too. That really doesn't help, although I need to catch myself from being too miserable about things.

I'm going to see a partner today and catch-up with some old work buddies, so perhaps that will be more fun. I'm just fed up with the relentless barrage of questions with the obvious person on my back.


I'm going through a backlog of my photos, boy I take a lot of then but then that is just what I do. Again I'm just starting to chuck everything on an external disk drive after all that is what I did back in the day and had no problems in life. There really wasn't a way or a need to store MBs let alone GBs of photos in the cloud. It all seemed a lot easier. The ONLY drawback of not storing stuff in the cloud is access to it when out and about from the phone. I think I can probably live with that.

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