2019-09-30 Time racing, Instagram, On Being a hermit

Time is absolutely racing away. It's ridiculous, it really is. I wake an start to type or grab a coffee and half the day has already drifted by. I want to absolutely maximise each day. Each moment is fleeting and it's gone before you know it. That's the thing - maybe I'm trying to fit in too much but cataloging every aspect of my life. What's the point in spending forever cataloging, I never really look back. I only ever look forwards. I should simply shoot photos write text, publish and forget. I'm still finding this blogging a nice way of simply letting off some steam. That's all it is. I'm considering moving back to a simple HTML file for my blogging it was such a simple way of doing things. I can't be arsed to run a massive CMS for my needs it's just not worth it. Ideally I'd just run this off my this off a home websever. I use strapdown.js and just edit a singe html file with a massive TOC. It isn't pretty and it's not going to win any love from readers. That's not the point though the point is to just try and get away from the technology that is slowing my creative process down.

That's bloody easy to be honest. That's probably good enough for me. One massive html file. Once again I just really like the notion of getting everything offline and encrypted. I'm going to try my best to keep that philosophy going.

I've been off instagram now for a quite a few months. I really don't miss it at all. In fact I feel pretty liberated by being off of it. I have thought about signing up a few times it, but really fuck that shit. I really don't have a need to go anywhere near it in my life. I was only drunk when I installed the app again and thought I'd give it a whirl. Totally pointless, but that's the way it its. What was it about being drunk that mean that I'd want to connect with complete random strangers. I don't get it. Maybe I was showing off, maybe I was just bored, maybe I was just drunk. It's funny though how the user interface felt really familiar and I actually felt at home again. I guess when you have spent literally hours of your life in an app you kind of love it for what it is.

On Being a Hermit

I feel like being a hermit, I genuinely would be interested in just chilling the fuck out on my own away from things. I'm not running away, I'm just getting over and feeling a bit more introspective. A bit like all this shit of trying to get offline. I picture a less stressed out life with just me and a portable hard drive.

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