2019-09-31 Campervan

I signed-up for Reddit. I had a question on privacy so I decided to sign-up with an anonymous username generated by a random username generator. I've always lurked on reddit, but never posted. My question was answered in seconds which is amazing really. What a great resource it is. I used to love internet forums back in the day, especially before facebook. I was in an online minidisc forum way before most of my friends were online. I had 2000+ posts on that forum and eventually became a mod. I loved that back in the day. Now we have an obsession with being seen as our real-world personas online and I hate that. Sure it's useful for somethings, but for other's it's nice to be anonymous.

In other news we have bought a campervan (well more of a motorhome). This totally makes me want to go off grid even more. Of course I won't be doing this because I have my responsibilities, house and job etc. The thought of being offline in a self-contained camper van. Kindle fully loaded with 1000 books. A 1TB drive loaded with all of my music and photos. The odd film I download whilst on public wifi. Then just stay off the web and the grid as much as possible. Ideally just dialling in when I need a small bit of information. A very simple life. Just me and my loved ones, a bike and surfboard. Really limited tech, low power, low usage, just chill. I'd be well happy with that.

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