2019-10-02 Random Thoughts

It's a weird one today. I don't feel motivated like I should. I have no idea what is going on with me. I am 100pc going through a midlife crisis I rekon. I'm still writing so that's all good. I'm not reading as much though and that is all bad. I should be reading at least a bit every day. I love it so much, so don't know why I've stopped. I really need to clean up my act a bit. Stop the boozing and bad eating and get healthy. I'm 40 next week for goodness sake. That as far as I'm concerned is bloody old. Not quite the "downhill" from here old, but still old enough to have some of my best years behind me. Oh well I'm not going to well on that. I think that I need to be a bit more positive in my writing. I need to lift myself out of a bit of a funk that I've got myself into. It's all a bit pointless just writing 20,000 words of negativity. I think the problem is the time of year. The summer is leaving us and I'm sure that has something to do with it. I love the autumn, but not so much the winter. Also, I've really let myself go physically. This time last year I was in tip-top shape. This year I'm probably the fattest I've been in my life. I need to get back on that fitness streak. Disappointed with myself for letting that go. I've got football training tonight so at least that is something. Time to step it up. I might even start this daily writing to motivate me to do that and keep me honest. I've also dropped back from my photography. I haven't shot anything since I've been back from Spain. Well just a few snapshots. I'm in London today and don't even feel the motivation to take a camera. This is weird for me.

The sun is shining today which is nice though. Absolutely stunning out there. It feels great to be alive.

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