Going Beyond Calc BC

You can take math classes at ACC, either for college credit or college and high school credit. In the latter case, for most classes the college credit isn't really worth anything. There are exceptions, like with the calculus sequence. This also means that you can skip math classes. For instance, I took precalc at ACC over the summer my freshmen year, allowing me to go from algebra 2 to calc AB. You do have to take and score well enough on a placement test though (the ALEKS). For another possibility, I know someone else who did calc I during summer after junior year, and then did stats senior year. To do this, you could also test out of classes. I have a friend who tested out of algebra 2. I don't know much about this option, but it is listed as an option in the course catalog.

In the former case, you can take higher level math classes (such as calc 3, linear algebra, etc.) and for balance, take off-periods. If you want to do this during the school year, keep in mind that ACC classes are 1 semester each, even for what might normally be considered a 1 year class. Also, make sure to sign up for classes early. I almost had some plans seriously messed up because I was slow to register. These classes count at UT Austin, so if my other plans fail UT Austin as my safety could set me up for upper division math classes.

What I Did/Plan on:
Elementary/Middle School: TAG
Freshmen Year: Alg. 2
Summer: Precalc
Sophomore Year: Calc AB
Junior Year: Calc BC
Senior Year: DiffEq + Calc 3 first sem, Lin. Alg. + Discrete second sem

TBH, I wish I skipped AB. I thought it wasn't too bad, so I could've just saved myself time by doing BC. If I did this, in senior year I would've tried taking UT Austin classes or Coursera or something. If you're in this position, maybe try doing a little Khan Academy and see how quick you pick up the concept. You could also just sign up for BC, and if it is too hard drop it. I know some classmates who did that.

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