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I've been using standard notes for about a year now, and I'm very happy with it. I've now started using listed and have shared a few posts. Has anyone read them? I don't know if they liked it or not, but it feels good to share. I also adjusted the colors of my blog by editing the CSS file Tim Apple shared on GitHub. I want to thank him (if he reading these lines :)). You can also write your thoughts on the guestbook about the theme or posts. I heard that the standard notes team will make some nice changes and innovations soon. I really wonder what they will come with, but I am sure they will come up with good things. I really want people to use services that advocate privacy, like standard notes. An internet where privacy is standardized is important for all of us. I think everyone here is aware of that. Since I do not have much money, I cannot support them with my money, but I try to increase their awareness by talking about services such as standard notes to the people around me. I hope this will suffice. Anyway, I liked this platform :).

Thank you for reading.


How afraid are we of loneliness? We try not to be alone. We say we get lost in thoughts when we are alone, and we fear that these thoughts will eat us up. Ah, those thoughts. One cannot be alone because one is afraid to think. There must be someone so that their mind is busy and they are not thinking. Maybe it should have been the other way around. Isn't thinking what makes us who we are? Isn't that what separates us from the animals? After all, although we suffered in the thinking process, thought was the key to isolating us from this world. Slowly knocking on the door of madness, the more we think about it... If someone opens the door, we'll be horrified anyway. What if that door opens? Isn't that what we're afraid of anyway? If madness opens that door with a big "welcome", there is no going back, but if no one opens the door, we will be alone and sad again. Is thinking and solitude a challenge? To differentiate in a different realm....

What men live by?

Tolstoy once claimed that man lived by love.
He is not wrong in his thoughts, but I have a better idea! Moreover, my opinion is not so contrary to Tolstoy's thoughts:


After thinking for a long time, I got the idea that man lives with power. Actually, I realized that not only man but also almost everything in the universe lives with power or is born with power. Everything exists by virtue of a force. Stars, planets, the universe itself and finally man...

This "Power" can also be called the power that helps to keep people alive, this definition of "power" can be branched out in different ways, for example the power of love, the power of faith, the power of money, the power of the body, etc.Any one or a few of these may be enough to keep people alive, but also it may not be enough...Many people choose the path of suicide because they do not see enough power in themselves to live, even if we give everyone the same kind of power, some may choose the path of suicide while others continue their lives,so power is also related to human character and what we understand from it and how we use it.

Man lives with "power" and he determines what that "power" is. After this article, you can decide whether you agree with the article with your mental power ;).

Creation is math?

Let's consider an artist, for example Mozart. He is one of the most well-known artists in the world, and this is influenced by the incredibly rich and cult works he has created. So, did Mozart, who created these works, really "create" them?

Take, for example, Mozart's work “Eine kleine nacht musik”. With what percentage mathematically, can the rhythm and harmony created by the notes in this piece come out of the hands of a person who randomly presses the keys of the piano?

Did Mozart create only one out of a trillion over a trillion different combinations? Or has he discovered a combination that already exists or could exist somewhere in the universe?

From this perspective, Mozart masquerades as an explorer, but why do we call him a creative person?

When we think about it like that, we all become like aspiring explorers in a sea of ​​possibilities, finding or trying to find the combination that pleases our soul.

So there is no such thing as creativity? If everything already exists and has been created, how can you call yourself creative if only you have revealed that created and already existing thing? When you think about it, a truly "creative" work has never been seen before. Aren't all of our works up to now a mixture of what already exists, an inspiration or a reflection of what we see through our own eyes? Ah here it is; "From our own eyes!" I guess that's what reveals everything. Maybe we are looking at this sea "from our own eyes" to reveal a situation that already exists in the sea of ​​possibilities, and so some of us immediately see the soul-pleasing combination. After all, you have to know where to look to find something.

For people like Mozart, then, it shouldn't be wrong to use a definition like "one of those explorers who knows where to look for himself".

Beautiful artworks

I get goosebumps when I'm exposed to a beautiful piece of work. In the following days and even months and years, I can't help but revisit the subtleties and depths of that work in my mind, and in a sense, I break away from reality and drift into the world of dreams. Sometimes I have thoughts such as “If I were there, I would add this” or “If I were you, I would arrange this part like this”. While I admire that work, I add something of myself to that work in myself, in my own mind, and I almost reconstruct it. Music, film, paintings, sculptures, and inscriptions. If even one of these and similar arts were missing in the world. Mankind would recreate them, and we would still think and reconstruct those beautiful works in our minds. Because human beings always want to be known in some way. Maybe this is one of the reasons for the emergence of art and maybe that's why people are attached to these works of art and add their interpretations to those beautiful works to which they are connected.