A drive to Montreal

My brother's plane just took off to go to Tanzania so he could complete his studies. I do not think I would have done the same if I was in his place but I am happy that he chose what makes him happy. I did not play or study at all today but I enjoyed this day. My cousin and I went with my brother on a 3-hour drive to Montreal so he could go to the airport. I am not sure why my father chose a plan out of Montreal and not Ottawa. My guess is since Montreal is bigger it probably offers more plane rides to places. After we dropped off my brother we went in search of a Mosque so could pray Asr before Maghrib's time came. The first masjed was closed off but the second masjed was a very cool-looking street. We were able to pray Asr before Maghrib thankfully and then we stayed for a little bit for Maghreb. The Shiekh gave a little 20-minute khutbah about the four sections of life; The womb of the mother, the current life, the barzakh, and the afterlife. After leaving the masjed my cousin took me to a famous orange-themed cafe of sorts. In the parking lot were a lot of motorcycles which was also nice to see. I got to see some parts of Montreal which were absolutely beautiful. I dare say it is probably in the top 3 most gorgeous places I went to. On our way back to Ottawa, my cousin told me some stuff that made me really appreciate him even more than I already did. I would say he is like a mentor to show me my way around this new chapter of my life. I really aspire to be like him in many ways. Some notable things that I really like are always maintaining self-respect and always maintain discipline. I won't do this but let's say for example I loved a girl but she kept disrespecting me. If I followed my emotions, I would still be all over her and I wouldn't stop. But that is really nasty for my self-respect. He also how I should always be hard on myself and be easy on others. That is a very integral part of manhood. If I wanted to do something I shouldn't tell people about it for other's jealousy and so I do not give myself a dopamine rush. If I wanted to write a book and I kept telling everyone I knew, I would feel great about it even though I did nothing at all. I know for sure that my cousin will always be there if I need him for anything.

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